Divorce Services

For individuals and couples facing divorce.

Document Gathering and Organizing

We will help you gather the myriad of documents required during the divorce process, whether it is for the initial filing of paperwork, discovery or subpoena requests.

Divorce Meeting and Communication Support

There are professionals who attend doctor’s appointments with the doctor and the patient. They are there to take notes, make sure all of the questions are answered on behalf of the patient, and provide a second set of ears during what can be emotional and confusing meetings.

Lifestyle Analysis

Your pre-divorce and post-divorce lifestyle will typically look different. Understanding how you were accustomed to living (also known as your marital standard of living) and where you need to make adjustments in your post-divorce budget is important in setting you up for financial success moving forward.

Financial Empowerment Coaching

Welcome to your new beginning! Your divorce has provided you with the opportunity to start over again. Maybe you are finding yourself debt free for the first time in a long time or you haven’t had to handle household finances alone for many years.

Special Project Consulting

We are here to help with any divorce project that comes up for you. Examples of special projects or education opportunities can include: