About Us

Guiding you to feel supported and empowered every step of the way.

Company Mission Statement

At Divorce Transition Mentors our goal is to help you come through your divorce empowered and with a realistic plan for your future.

When it comes to protecting yourself in a divorce and looking out for your own interests, it is important that you know what those interests are. Think long and hard about what is most important to you in your divorce and be realistic about compromise. Divorce is a negotiation (as most divorce cases are settled outside of court) and choosing your battles wisely can go a long way in getting you the results you need so you can move on with your life and get started on a new chapter in life.

CDFA®, CDC®, CPA-Inactive, Founder

Heather Steer

Heather founded Divorce Transition Mentors in 2018 after finishing her own divorce and thinking there must be a better support system for the days you are too emotionally and physically exhausted to face all of the decisions and organizing that the divorce process requires. Heather has an extensive accounting, project and change management background that helps her bring her passion to mentor and empower people through their own divorces to life.

On a Personal Note

I live in Carlsbad, CA and am a mother to two amazing girls. My older daughter loves cheerleading, math, science, spending time with her friends and wants to be a famous actress when she grows up. My younger daughter loves art, math, facetiming with her friends, and wants to be a surgeon when she grows up. I love to travel, cook for family and friends, play games, read, cruise the boardwalks on my beach cruiser and spend time with my kids and three dogs. I am currently trying to learn how to ride a longboard skateboard….the struggle to learn to skateboard at this stage in life is really exhilarating and scary! I feel really fortunate to be able to be an empowering force for anyone living outside of their comfort zones.