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Mediation Support

We will help you with document gathering and organization, financial analysis of settlement options, meeting agenda preparation, being present in meetings for emotional, analytical and listening support.

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Attorney Support

We work on cases for attorneys doing lifestyle analyses, separate property tracing, executive compensation valuation, client education on financial settlement options, maintenance buyout calculations and more.

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Financial Empowerment Coaching

We will provide you with the resources and assistance you need to make sound financial decisions throughout the divorce process continuing as you transition into your post-divorce lifestyle, including budgeting and banking transitions.

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Registered CDFA®

Heather Steer

After going through my own divorce, my goal is to provide a better way for others. With extensive training and background in finance, management and accounting, you can think of me as “your divorce personal trainer.” I will support and keep you on task as you work through assets, budgets, estate, investment and property valuations. I will help you be prepared so that you don’t burn expensive attorney hours. Ultimately, calculating a creative split of your assets that can save you substantial amounts of money.

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No-Cost Webinar: Divorce Resource Event

Solana Beach, CA

Are you separated, divorced, or in the process of divorce? Whatever stage you are in - just considering divorce or many years post divorce - our Divorce Resource Events have something for you. (Advance registration required)

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My goal is for my client to come through their divorce as emotionally, financially and physically whole as possible.

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What Divorce Transition Mentors Clients Have to Say


"My divorce was at a standstill. I couldn’t face another meeting with my ex. I felt like I wanted to bury my head in the sand. Overwhelmed with the amount of paperwork placed in front of me, I felt paralyzed by the fact that there was so much to go through, and because my mind was in such an emotional state I simply couldn’t comprehend what was being asked of me. It’s like walking through a minefield and not knowing where to turn, so I just stayed still until I started working with Heather — she helped me with a map to safety. I am a personal trainer helping people transform their body, but Heather was my personal trainer for my divorce. You are going to feel sweaty and horrible and put through the grinder, but you can make it safely to the other side. I needed someone without the emotional connections to guide me through the paperwork and sit in my mediation sessions as the numbers were flying back and forth, and Heather did this for me. She got me and my ex out of the purgatory of divorce, safely to the other side and educated about my financial future."

- Tracy A.

"I am a small business owner, who was paying spousal support to my soon to be ex-spouse/business partner. I was bleeding money and just felt like we were spinning and not making any progress. We were waiting on the other side to act rather than acting proactively. We needed something on the table to get started. When I started working with Heather she came in and started talking about real scenarios with hard numbers. I could see a range from worst case to best case and start getting my head around what I needed to do to get out of a spiraling situation. Her business background, ability to articulate and break things down so someone not in the normal process of negotiation and divorce could understand are amazing. I needed someone clear and focused to get to the bottom line while at the same time not leaving anything on the table. I found it incredibly helpful having her in the attorney’s office with me. She was able to stay calm and deal with just the facts because she wasn’t emotionally involved and could break through the attorney lingo to come up with realistic offers for me to present that I understood. Getting out of the process of divorce faster is so much better financially and emotionally. Without Heather’s support we could have dragged out our divorce for a very long time. I am so grateful I had her support to get me across the finish line."

- Jennifer B.
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